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Articles containing suspicious stains can be rapidly and reliably screened for the
presence of semen utilizing a combination of three techniques: ultraviolet illumination,
prostrate specific antigen (p30) and microscopy.  Even if a man is vasectomized, his
semen can still be detected.

Ultraviolet Examination

Ultraviolet (UV) light is a popular tool in many forensic investigations for the presumptive   
identification of  body fluids on a variety of substrates.  Materials such as semen, saliva,
perspiration and vaginal secretions are naturally fluorescent under UV light which offers a
discriminating method for locating these stains which might otherwise be invisible to the
naked eye.   Once the precise location of the stain is  determined, presumptive testing
can be conducted utilizing the p30 and microscopy techniques.

Prostate Specific Antigen (p30)

Prostate specific antigen, also known as p30, is secreted into seminal fluid at
concentrations ranging from  200,000 to 5.5 million nanograms per milliliter.  The p30
test is an extremely sensitive presumptive  technique that allows for the low level
detection of seminal fluid in stains. The technique is extremely  powerful because it can
confirm the presence of semen even in samples from sterile or vasectomized men.   


Sperm heads can be accurately identified based on their morphological characteristics
via microscopy.  
Once a suspect stain has been confirmed to be semen via the screening procedure, the
source of the stain needs to be determined.  This involves testing DNA from the stain and
DNA from a reference sample collected from you.  This reference sample can be a
cheek swab.

Biological stains resulting from sexual activity often contain a mixture of both male and
female DNA.  The female DNA usually originates from epithelial cells from the vaginal
wall, the mouth or skin, while the male DNA originates from seminal fluid.   If the DNA
profile of the stain shows the presence of a male, it will be compared against your
reference cheek swab.  If the male DNA in the stain does not match that of your DNA, the
results indicate that the semen stain is from another man.  In most cases, a DNA profile
can be obtained from a vasectomized man.
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